Stunning coastal trails for running/walking challenge

trail running

Lagoa is to host a trail running challenge on Sunday, January 27 using trails along the municipality’s coastline. Walkers will also be able to enjoy a beautiful route, designed especially for them, along a leisurely 11kms circuit.

Trilhos Salgados-Lagoa has been organised by Lagoa Council and Portimão’s Trail Runners Association with the aim of putting Lagoa on the map where trail running is concerned, offering quality trails within the municipality.

The council hopes the event will become part of the Taça Alengarve calendar which would in turn make it one of the main national events for trail running.

This year’s event is to be divided into three levels of difficulty with the most difficult tackling a demanding 30kms stretch, starting at Praia Grande in Ferragudo and finishing in Porches. The slightly less challenging trail of 16kms is set between Benagil and Porches with the easier walking trail of 11kms also between Benagil and Porches.

Entrants are advised that they must be “aware of difficulties that are involved when running on unpaved surfaces in a race like this” and that they should be “physically and psychologically prepared” for the challenges they will face.

The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) states that a trail running course must take place in a natural environment avoiding paved roads. A course can range from just a few kilometres to 80 kilometres and more, with the competition open to everyone.

Entrance fees start at €15 for the 30kms race, €13 for the 16kms trail and €11 for the walk. January 21 is the final day of registeration for the race which can be completed online.

For more details visit the Trilos Salgados – Lagoa website.

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