Algarve’s nautical havens

Sunset at Portimão marina

Located on Portugal’s southern coastline, the Algarve is celebrated for its landscapes, sun-kissed beaches and vibrant culture.

However, beyond the golden shores and picturesque cliffs this region also provides maritime travellers with tranquil havens and all that may be required for their onward journey.

The Algarve’s marinas also serve as a hub for various water activities, catering to both adrenaline seekers and those looking for a more relaxed aquatic experience.

Visitors can indulge in dolphin watching, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, paddleboarding and sport fishing, to name a few.

In addition to nautical offerings, the marinas can be a cultural and culinary delight. They feature an array of waterfront restaurants serving fresh seafood and traditional Portuguese dishes.

Boutiques and lively markets provide an opportunity for shopping and some marinas also have vibrant bars and clubs.

Algarve’s marinas offer more than just a place to dock. They are gateways to discovering the pristine beauty of the coastline and hidden gems of the region.

The Algarve boasts a collection of well-equipped marinas. There are four along the coast; Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira and Vilamoura with all holding 2023 Blue Flags.

But there are also many other smaller marinas for pleasure boats, although not with the full complement of services that may be needed for larger vessels. Sagres, Alvor, Faro and Olhão are just a few.


Vilamoura Marina, one of the largest in Portugal, is a bustling hub with 825 berths for boats ranging from 6 metres to 60.

It can boast the top award (Platinum Gold Anchor) from The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) having won for the third year running, seven in total. It has also won Portugal Best Marina and International Marina of the Year.

Vilamoura Marina is also home to regattas, has hosted the International Finn Class event ahead of the World Cup held in Porto in 2021 and this year saw the 26th Vilamoura Marina International Boat Show take place.


With 475 berths, the largest being 32 metres, Albufeira Marina strives to keep its TYHA Gold Anchor Clean Marina.

Ensuring the Marina’s environmental sustainability has also been a key focus from when it was built in 2003 and has been ISO 14001 certified since 2008.

Although not within walking distance, Albufeira old town is worth visiting but all services are available at the marina itself.


Portimão is blessed with wonderful beaches, a rich cultural heritage and thriving culinary scene.

Its marina has 620 berths with a 50-metre capacity and is located a short walk from Praia da Rocha.

In 2019, Portimão Marina served as the host port for the Clipper Round the World fleet during the initial stopover of the Round the World Yacht Race, in which 11 sailing boats competed until August 2020.

Additionally, it hosted the Hansa National and European Adaptive Sailing Championships, attracting over 120 crew members and around a hundred boats.


Lagos Marina is in the heart of the city and opened in 1994. It has 462 berths for a maximum length of 30 metres.

There is a bascule bridge across the entrance allowing pedestrians to cross to Lagos town centre.

The marina has the usual services and entertainment that you would expect, together with a childcare centre and art academy.

Algarve’s marinas are not just about boats. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a casual visitor, they offer the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of experiences that will no doubt leave a mark on your travel memories.

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