Algarve is top family-friendly destination

algarve family-friendly destination

Columbus Direct has analysed some of the most popular destinations within a five-hour, or less, flight time from London to reveal the best locations for a family-friendly holiday.

The Algarve, Portugal, has been revealed as the top family-friendly destination and appears in the top three for the number of family-friendly hotels, child-friendly restaurants and activities deemed good for children

Cornwall, UK, is the second-best destination for a family-friendly holiday with the shortest flight time of just over one hour and the most child-friendly activities.

Planning the perfect family holiday is no easy task, with parents facing the challenge to keep their children entertained, happy and safe in a completely new location for a week or two. From ensuring there are properties/hotels and restaurants that regularly cater to family needs, checking the area has plenty of activities the children will love and keeping flight and transport time to a minimum, there are multiple factors that contribute to the perfect family holiday.

The Algarve, Portugal, tops the leader board as the ultimate family-friendly destination with an impressive score of 78/100 – which is over 10 points higher than any other location. Known for its golden beaches, picturesque fishing towns and soaring caves, the area attracts around four million visitors each year, from families to young couples.

Of all the destinations analysed, the Algarve also shows off the second-highest number of activities deemed child-friendly, with various waterparks, zoos, and boat trips including those to see wild dolphins. Reaching this sunny paradise takes under three hours and all villages, towns and cities are within easy reach of Faro airport, so little ones won’t be sitting around for too long before they reach their highly anticipated destination.

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