Calling all wine lovers

different glasses of wine amongst almond blossom

Uniting winemakers from across the world, the Enóphilo Wine Fest will be held in the Algarve for the first time and takes place at the congress centre of Hotel D. Pedro in Vilamoura on March 2nd.

The event, which is regularly held in major cities across Portugal, is supported by the Algarve Wine Commission (CVA) and welcomes 35 participating winemakers from across Portugal.

Guests “who enjoy wine” are invited to try 250 wines available for tasting. They come from winemakers who are small-to-medium-sized wine producers and include 10 from the Algarve.

This growing presence of Algarve winemakers was highlighted by the organizer Luís Grandíssimo, noting that the region is becoming an appealing market for both local and international wine enthusiasts.

He also acknowledged the growing reputation of the Algarve as a quality wine producer, with the region’s hotels and restaurants increasingly showcasing local wines.

In the eyes of the president of the CVA, Sara Silva, the participation of local winemakers in a nationally established event is of great importance, showcasing the excellence of Algarve wines.

She also noted the growing sector wine production in the Algarve, with 56 producers, 40% of whom are foreign, producing certified wines totalling approximately 1.6 million litres in 2023.

Aside from wine tasting, there’s still plenty to do in the winter season in the Algarve, when you’ll have much of this beautiful region to yourself. It’s a great time to visit, whether it’s just for a few days or for a longer family holiday.

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