An Algarve holiday – sun, sea and more

children walking down steps to a n algarve beach

After two years of travel restrictions and uncertainty, families are looking forward to their holiday abroad this summer.

Algarve holidays have long been thought of as the perfect choice for families and those looking for a top-quality beach destination, with the promise of sun-drenched days at the beach, sharing in a relaxed and welcoming family-oriented culture, endless options for dining out and things to do for all ages.

The region has deservedly earned a reputation for excellent golf holidays also.

However, the Algarve should also be known for its truly unique contrast between the golden coastline and the beautiful countryside.

There are historic attractions and thousands of species of flora and fauna. All this and much more makes the region an ideal holiday destination for interests such as photography, painting, nature watching, walking and a wide variety of other outdoor pursuits.

The UK’s Post Office Holiday Money Report is an annual analysis of destinations set to offer holidaymakers the best value for money.

This year’s report looked at 36 destinations worldwide and found that Algarve was top in the eurozone and third for the cheapest holiday destination for summer 2022.

The report compares the prices of meals, drinks and essential items that holidaymakers are likely to buy when abroad.

Not sure what to do whilst staying in Algarve? Want to make the most out of your holiday?

Click here for some tips to help you enjoy your holiday to the full. Want to see what the beaches have to offer in the region? Click here for your free guide.

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