Via Algarviana – discovering the Algarve hinterland

via Algarviana blossoming tree in front of a pink-hue wall and green wooden door

As you must be aware by now, Algarve is not just sun, sea, golf or tasty morsels. There is so much more to the region.

You will possibly have heard of the Via Algarviana, a walking and cycling route from Alcoutim on the Spanish boarder across Algarve to Cape St Vincent on the Atlantic coast.

Included along the 300kms route that the Via Algarviana stretches, are auto-guided routes, themed routes plus 12 additional short paths.

The Via Algarviana is a great opportunity to discover the Algarve hinterland and get to know another side to the region.

Themed routes include a geology trail (Monchique), a water trail (Loulé) and even a smugglers route in Alcoutim.

The 12 additional paths are designed to be completed within one day. You could plan to walk one and stay in a part of Algarve that you did know existed. It may take a little bit of planning but will be worth it for sure. Click here for suggestions to help with your planning.

You will need to download the chosen auto-guided routes to your mobile phone.

These tours will tell you of local traditions, landscapes perhaps you hadn’t seen and of course lead you along your chosen route.

Click here for all available themed routes.

Perhaps you are staying in Lagos and would like to try a route in that area. Click here for suggestions on following the Fishermen’s Trail. This coastal footpath consists of 13 stages from just south of Sines to Lagos via Luz and Sagres.

The walking and cycling routes are of different degrees, ranging from flat even paths to more difficult climbing hikes and cycling routes which means that there is a route for all fitness levels.

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