Equestrians compete in Vilamoura

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Returning for the second consecutive year, Portugal’s CSI2* and CSIO3* start on November 18 and continue until Sunday, the 21st.

Vilamoura Equestrian Centre is hosting some of the world’s top riders, including David Will, Kevin Staut and Gregory Wathelet.

Due to the pandemic, last year’s event was held behind closed doors however, this year the public will be able to watch around 200 riders, five being from Portugal.

Leading up to the Nations Cup, taking place on Sunday, are various individual events including a “Grand Prix”.

The Nations Cup will be contested by 17 countries including teams from Europe, Brazil and the USA. 

Each team will be representing a different country and consist of four riders and a substitute.

Defending their title is the German team led by David Wills with French rivals led by Kevin Staut and Belgium’s team led by Gregory Wathelet.

Entrance to the public is free with the main event on Sunday, the Nations Cup, closing seven weeks of the Champions Tour show jumping events.

Portugal’s CSIO3* is a qualifier for both next year’s World Championships to be held in Denmark and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

Vilamoura has just finished hosting the Portugal Masters, won by Belgian Thomas Pieters. The award-winning marina, again after missing a year started hosting many sailing events in April, including Finn class racing.

If you are interested in history and enjoy visiting museums (not old buildings that smell musty either) then click here for a few suggestions on what and where to visit in the region.

One popular site in Vilamoura is Cerro do Vila, a Roman villa located close to the coast and dating from between the 1st and 3rd centuries.

Visitors can enjoy beautiful mosaics, the layout of the villa and see evidence of a lake and dam. The small museum offers an insight into life during the Roman occupation of Portugal and is well worth a visit.

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