Holiday gifts and souvenirs

portuguese filigree jewellery

We usually like to take something home from our holiday, to remind us of our time away. A gift to ourselves.

From Algarve some such items may include bottles of wine, articles made of cork or cataplanas — there is a wealth of items visitors can take home to remind them of their stay in Portugal.

OK, so sometimes the things we take home may well end up in the bin/back of the cupboard/given to a charity shop. At the time it seemed such a great idea to buy a doll in traditional costume, but the dusting of such delicate features and the fact it just doesn’t fit with the décor means that, in time, it will be removed from public view.

The answer? It’s simple. Buy something that you can enjoy and use, such as local delicacies or liquor, jewellery or an item such as a cork wallet.


Portugal supplies over 50% of the world’s production of cork which sets it at the forefront as a manufacturer of the environmentally friendly material. Click here to learn more about nature’s organic leather.

Over 70% of production in Portugal is carried out in Alentejo, the region that borders Algarve to the north.

Cork fabric is now very popular and offers the opportunity to create items such as umbrellas, shoes and handbags which, until recently, would not have been a possibility.


Portugal has many fine jewellery designers including Luísa Rosas and Monseo. The traditional working of gold and silver is known as filigree and is produced mainly in the north of Portugal. 

Filigree is the art of combining very fine threads and small metal balls to produce a closely-worked ornamental design. This jewellery was traditionally used in bridal folk costumes and can still be bought in most Portuguese jewellery shops.

Textiles and pottery

Of course textiles are a huge export. There is a wide range of clothing and household items that can be bought to take home. Beautifully crafted table cloths, towels, blankets and rugs are just some ideas.

Pottery, including tiles, are available to buy across the region and make useful and beautiful gifts.

Porches Pottery, close to Carvoeiro, is worth a visit as are the many other establishments located by the side of the road — you will find quite a few when visiting Monchique for example.

Gastronomic delights

Wine and gourmet products are so easy to take home. There are many wineries offering tours, click here to learn more about these.

Portugal is also famous for its port, read here about how the “Englishman’s wine” has undergone a makeover.

And of course Algarve’s traditional dish, the cataplana, makes not just a great decoration but is good to cook with too.

There is so much more to discover that we have not covered above. Make sure, whilst you are here, to take a look at the local handicrafts and tasty gastronomic offerings available — you won’t be disappointed.

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