How to plan the perfect holiday

plan holiday in algarve

Holiday planning can be time-consuming as you want to make sure that all details are taken care of and that you are prepared to deal with the unexpected – and that you don’t leave anything behind! You also want to start your holiday with a smile and obviously you will be excited for things to come. You don’t want to be filled with stress and afraid that you will forget something.

Whilst some people believe that unplanned and spontaneous getaways are the best, the truth is that a holiday should be an enjoyable experience and if you don’t plan it you may well find yourself more worried than relaxed!

Decide where and when you want to go

When thinking about your holiday destination, it is important to decide what you want to do this in turn can help you decide where to go. Do you want to spend your days relaxing on a beach? Do you want to hike and explore nature? Perhpas play a few games of golf? Or do you want your holidays to be filled with radical sports?

After asking yourself what you want from your holidays, you’ll be able to better decide the exact place you want to go. The Algarve is rich in beautiful scenery and offers so much to do and see; walking trails, golf, cycling routes, go birdwatching, historic places of interest. There are a wealth of activities together with many locations to stay at and use as a base to explore this amazing region – close to the international airport and other transport hubs.

Once you have decided on your Algarve holiday destination you need to keep in mind the best time to visit. Playing golf in August is not for the faint hearted. Book your travel ticket taking into consideration the weather conditions at the time of your visit.

Book places to visit

After you have purchased your travel ticket/s and booked your accommodation, you should turn your attention to all the attractions you want to visit. Whilst some spontaneity is great, it is still wise to take a look at things of interest to you and your party then, either book online or contact us for information/booking.

With the Algarve being such a cost-effective place for visitors, you can truly get your money’s worth by exploring the region and its attractions! Not all locations will require booking in advance, but some, such as city tours and day trips, might.

What you should and shouldn’t take on holiday

Important documents, such as your passport, should be the first thought and item on your holiday checklist. Don’t forget to stock up on any medication.

It is vital that you also ensure that your suitcase isn’t too full – you will no doubt be taking home some reminders of your holiday. Choose one or two pairs of shoes, so that they don’t take up most of the available space, and avoid taking heavy or unnecessary objects you probably won’t need, like a winter coat.

Your luggage should also be well organised, so that you can take advantage of the whole space. Rolling rather than folding will keep your clothing more free from creases and offer more space. Fill shoes with items like belts and a hairbrush and if you are taking liquids in the cabin with you pack smartly by placing them at the top of the bag/case so you can grab them easily and quickly – you don’t want to have to unpack in front of that long queue at security!

Organising the perfect holiday requires a little bit of planning, but in definitely worth it. Knowing what you need is with you thus allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday in the Algarve.

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