To inflate or not, that is the question


Pizza slices, unicorns and flamingos have been seen across the Algarve this summer, together with melon slices, huge lobsters and crocodiles. 

Although summer is still with us and we continue to use our inflatables we thought you might like to know about an initiative in the UK. 

Have you tried to pack your inflatables or beach toys away for the winter? Nigh on impossible, right? Do you feel guilty throwing them away? Well, there is an opportunity for you to feel good whilst helping the planet.

Wyatt & Jack have created Inflatable Amnesty® where inflatables and beach toys destined for landfill sites are turned into bags, totes, rucksacks, wash bags, pouches and more.

Their idea is to use as much of the piece of inflatable they can, around any areas of damage, to generate as little waste as possible.

Wyatt & Jack’s Instagram page is full of fun, wacky and gorgeous ideas that they have created and sold on. Their blog shows you how you can send them your punctured, or no-longer-required inflatables, offering you the opportunity to follow the items’ journey right the way through to its new life as a bag.

The company is still crowdfunding in order to help them move premises to accommodate the influx of inflatables at the end of the summer season. 

To find out more about the company visit their website. They may not be degradable, but the inflatable are no longer the bad boys they were.

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