Zoo celebrates 21st birthday

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Animals are very often part of a family holiday. A trip out to sea to watch dolphins, a visit to a theme park such as Zoomarine or a festival like Sagres Birdwatching and Nature Activities. One place is definitely a must for a family visit whilst staying in the region, Zoo Lagos

Celebrating its 21st birthday on November 16, Zoo Lagos has a special treat waiting for those visiting that day.

The zoo will be hosting the launch of a new book called Histórias do Zoo (Zoo Stories), written by Sofia Briosa e Scheltinga the Environmental Educator at Lagos Zoo.

Sofia started writing the stories during lockdown. Inspired by the animals living in Lagos Zoo, she has written the stories in such a way as to offer insight into the role of zoos involved in wildlife conservation. And in such a way that children understand. 

The first story, in the series of 12, is entitled Mrs Tortuga’s 50th Birthday Party. The book is about an African land turtle, Mrs Tortuga. She is celebrating a landmark birthday and the zoo animals decide to organise a surprise party for her. The book is currently only available in Portuguese.

If you are able, visit the zoo on November 16 and enjoy a piece of birthday cake with the zoo family. You will be able to meet the author and if you decide to buy a book there is a 10% discount and the author will write a dedication in it.

Recently the zoo has had quite a few births including meerkats, porcupines, a siamang, muntjacs and capuchin monkeys.

To learn more about Zoo Lagos click here. Open all year round, there is plenty of parking and even discounts for online tickets.

Click here for more information on conservation projects the zoo is involved in.

Image: Mike1087 | Pixabay 

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