Make the most of your Algarve holiday

make the most of your holiday

You have now booked your holiday in the Algarve. But, how can you enjoy it to the full? With so much to see and do, how can you make sure you make the most of your holiday?

Eat local food

Food – that important fuel that really makes your holiday an experience to remember. Just as important as anything you will do on holiday, eating local food is a great way to experience the culture. Smaller restaurants and cafés will have authentic, local food you can try; most places have been around for decades and have perfected all of the traditional dishes locals love.

Don’t just stick to plans

Even though cliché attractions are fun – who doesn’t want to finally see those famous tourist places in person? – going off the beaten track is also a fun way to explore a new country. Never tried a jeep safari? What about learning to windsurf? Wouldn’t seeing a pod (group) of dolphins in their natural habit be amazing?

Wake up early!

When on holiday, even though sleeping late seems tempting, the earlier you wake up the more time you have to see all you want, with lots of energy! Morning is the more peaceful time of day with less people around. Afternoons are great to enjoy the wonderful weather and catch a sunset. Experiencing night-time in the Algarve will show you another side to the region. So, wake up early and enjoy all there is on offer.

Take your camera

While having your camera out all the time isn’t advisable, you will regret not capturing special moments forever. Always having the camera ready removes some of the enjoyment of the scenery, but not having it for those important moments could mean you lose the chance to capture a memory. Make sure you have time for both photography and to make the most of the Algarve.

Learn the language

Alright, maybe not the entire language – but a few useful phrases will come in handy. Basic words like ‘please’ (se faz favor), ‘thank you’ (obrigado), ‘hello’ (olá), together with other expressions show that you are interested in the language and the culture. Sometimes, all you need to do is try; locals will appreciate the effort, so don’t be afraid of mispronunciation.

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