Not just sun and sea – Algarve holidays for all

skydive algarve

The Algarve has many varied activities for all visitors. Away from the beaches and golf courses there is plenty to see and do.

For those that seek a thrill then the place to visit is the AIA Racing School at the Algarve International Racetrack, to the north of Portimão where there is also karting, for those that prefer a slightly slower pace.

Alternatively, how about sky diving from 15,000ft (4,600m) with Skydive Algarve? For those experienced jumpers, first tandem jumps and anything in between you can seek thrills in the sky. Located just off the EN125 to the west of Portimão, the small aerodrome also offers the opportunity to discover the Algarve from the skies with scenic flights – breathtaking.

From Lagos aerodrome, staying in the skies, microlighting is a must for those who want to enjoy seeing the Algarve from a different angle. And why not see the sunrise from a hot air balloon – just think of those photographs you’ll be able to show your friends and family back home.

If staying on terra firma is more your thing then how about joining a jeep safari to discover typical Algarve villages, cross streams and bump and bounce your way up rural cuttings. You can also enjoy some local gastronomic delights and taste the local firewater – medronho.

Of course the Algarve is steeped in history with castles and Roman villas together with museums that offer insight into how the Portuguese lived off the sea’s bounty not that long ago.

With festivals, fairs, markets and concerts there is no doubt that there is something for everyone to do and see, whilst holidaying in the Algarve.

Should you like to know more about what is going on in the Algarve visit the Algarve tourist office website or contact us at

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