Portimão’s street food festival

street food from Portimão Arrebita 2020

This weekend, August 21 and 22, sees Portimão hosting its second Arrebita Portimão after last year’s event was so popular; over 4,000 visitors with 5,500 dishes prepared and sold.

Open from 6.30pm until 10.30pm, Arrebita Portimão is a street food festival with free entry and each dish costing only €6.

With its byline Vamos arrebitar Portimão?, Shall we take a look at Portimão?, the festival offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy great street food made by some of Portugal’s most renowned chefs. This year’s theme is a tribute to the Portuguese coast, Algarve’s hills and Portimão’s Sardine Festival.

Over 30 chefs, six from Michelin-starred restaurants, have been challenged to create uniquely creative and, of course, tasty dishes inspired by the above.

Taking place in the town’s centre, Praça da República also known as Alameda, adjacent streets will also be included in the route. 

You could be invited to taste a dessert in a barber’s or pick up your dinner from a stationer’s. The most unlikely of shopping spaces will be welcoming the chefs and will be taking an active role in the festival.

With an on-the-go format, each chef will be responsible for creating a sweet or savoury dish inspired by flavours of the sea and/or the hills. There are options for all: meat and fish dishes, vegetarian suggestions and of course delicious desserts.

Following DGS (the Portuguese health authority) guidelines, it will be compulsory to use masks when at the festival, obviously not whilst eating though. With the route being one way (visitors will be allowed to walk round several times) there will be a limit to the number of people allowed at the event at any one time. 

For more information, click here for the festival’s Facebook page and here for its website.

Whilst in Portimão, the museum is definitely worth a visit. Click here to learn about the permanent exhibits that include the sardine canning process where visitors can follow the sardines from the harbour to the canning and cooking.

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