Portugal is the world’s 3rd safest country

According to the Global Peace Index (GPI), Portugal is considered to be the 3rd safest in the world which the Home Affairs Minister says is a “significant” development. “We were 18th six years ago,” the Minister Eduardo Cabrita revealed to the press.

In a ceremony that marks the delivery of 24 new vehicles to the GNR, Minister Eduardo Cabrita stressed that what is important is not so much the position in the ranking but what has been done to reduce crime in general and to consolidate the image of Portugal as a safe country.

According to the Minister, the results are explained by increasing investment in policing activities and better coordination among the different police forces, namely the GNR, PSP, SEF and PJ.

The GPI score of Portugal was 1.274, which is a combination of three major factors: 1) militarisation (1.3 out of 5), 2) safety and security (1.4 out of 5) and 3) domestic and internal conflict (1.1 out of 5). The lower the score, the better the result.

Another interesting conclusion found from this report is that the impact of violence in the global economy is decreasing by 3.3% for the first time since 2012, which corresponds to $475Bn.


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