Orange capital of the Algarve

silves orange festival 2020

This weekend, starting Friday February 14 at 10am, Silves is hosting its annual orange festival. 

Entitled IV Mostra Silves Capital da Laranja, the festival is not just a celebration of the orange but also an opportunity to enjoy entertainment and join in with different activities. 

Local folkloric dance groups twirling in traditional costume (Sunday from 2.30pm) are great to watch, especially with children. Talking of which there will be a children’s talent show on Friday (14th) at 3.30pm on Stage 2 and also Silves’ Youth Philharmonic Orchestra playing on Sunday (16th) at 2.30pm, again on Stage 2.

Of course, with oranges being the main attraction there will be so much to showcase with local and regional exhibitors showing wine and liquors (and also liqueurs), sweets, handicrafts and food featuring the citrus fruit. 

There is also an Orange Route that visitors can follow, details available at the festival. Along the route there will be an opportunity to try orange bread, sip smoked orange liquor or refresh the palate with an orange beer. 

Activities include the 2020 Orange Cocktail Festival on Sunday (16th) at 2pm again on Stage 2. The cocktails will be made by the Algarve Barmen Association so plenty of fun for those watching. There will be a concert each day, Friday and Saturday’s starting at 10pm with Sunday’s at 4.30pm, given by artists including popular singer Rita Guerra, Fadista (singer of Fado) Ana Moura and a popular band from Alentejo, De Moda Em Moda.

There is a lot more that we have not mentioned so we encourage you to visit the festival and enjoy all it has to offer.

The festival is centred around Silves’ fair and exhibition centre Fissul which is close to the river with a park that offers plenty of space for children to run and play. There is also plenty of space for parking and entrance is free of charge.

Image © Hans Braxmeier | Pixabay

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