3 tips to win over the locals

Portuguese market

Whether you visit the Algarve for a few days or your annual holiday, getting along with the locals will certainly enhance your stay.

It can sometimes be daunting to spend time in a country where the language and culture is a lot different to our own, whether you’re on a short visit or a longer holiday.

The Portuguese are easy-going folk, and despite first appearances are incredibly welcoming, especially to those who make an effort to integrate with Portuguese life. Here are 3 suggestions to help you win over locals and residents.

  1. Learn Portuguese

Portuguese is a relatively hard language to learn and most people in the Algarve do speak English, but learning a few key phrases will get you a long way in winning over the locals. Even if you’re not fluent, try out some Portuguese whenever you greet (olá, bom dia, etc) or thank someone (obrigado/a). The effort will be well appreciated! Making sure you’re understood will also help your confidence and, in the case of an emergency, could be very useful. In your personalised digital Welcome Book, sent prior to your arrival when staying with Algarve Holiday Lets, you will find many words and phrases to help you.

  1. Understand the customs

Things will no doubt be very different in Portugal compared to your home country – and the more relaxed pace of life often takes some getting used to. Make efforts to understand the cultural norms such as dressing respectfully, the observance of traditions and religious festivals, and the importance of spending time with family.

  1. Get involved

The Portuguese are friendly people, but you’ll likely need to make the first move. Speak to neighbours, take part in local celebrations or chat with people in the local pastelaria over a galão and a tosta mista.

Staying in a different country can be a challenging experience, so finding the best holiday home and area to stay in are vital to enjoying your time in the Algarve. Speak to the experts at Algarve Holiday Lets to find your perfect fit.

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