What can you do in the Algarve?

what to do algarve

Sure, you can spend the day at one of the many striking beaches – and we definitely recommend that you do at some point during your holiday in the Algarve – but there is so much more to do than bask in the sun.

Perhaps you would like to enjoy a few rounds of golf when you are on holiday, with over 40 golf courses across the region there are plenty to choose from to suit all handicaps along the Algarve.

Luckily for you that is not all there is to do. To follow just a few suggestions to whet your appetite.

Water sports

As you have no doubt already noticed, the Algarve isn’t short of coastline. The Atlantic provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get out and enjoy the waves. At any time of year, when you take your holiday or a few days away, there is always something to do in or by the sea.

As the temperature of the Atlantic makes the sea much cooler than that of the neighbouring Mediterranean, you may initially be quite shocked at how refreshing the sea feels when you rush into it on those hot summer days. 

Whether it is taking to the waves on a surfboard, jet ski or speed boat, perhaps even coasteering, you can enjoy the Atlantic in pretty much any form you can think of. The Algarve is perfect for those thrill seekers amongst you, especially those who don’t mind getting a little wet in the process!

Whale and dolphin watching

If spectacular and breathtaking encounters with wildlife are more your thing, you will love the countless whale and dolphin watching options that are available here on the Algarve.

The Atlantic brings with it some of the most inquisitive, energetic marine mammals who aren’t afraid to show you what they can do. Our shores are regularly visited by pods of common dolphins – beautiful creatures with striking dark and light grey markings. They travel in huge groups of hundreds of individuals, but it isn’t uncommon to see other species too.

From the easily recognisable bottlenose dolphin, which was brought into the limelight thanks to the television show and film Flipper, to the lesser-known Risso’s dolphins which are an incredible sight to behold with their unusually marked skin (this is due to their diet of squid and interactions with other whales).

If you are lucky, you may even see some of the more uncommon visitors to the shores of the Algarve; from the odd pod of killer whales, to the large, looming shape of a basking shark – even the bizarre giant moonfish can be spotted if you look hard enough.

In the winter, it can be possible to encounter sperm whales – large marine mammals that take advantage of the cooler, winter ocean and cruise along their migration route which passes by Cape St. Vincent near Sagres. We would definitely recommend looking out for these if you are in the Algarve during winter; an incredible animal to see in their natural habitat.

Hiking and cycling

There is no better way to see the beautiful landscape that the Algarve has to offer than getting out there and exploring for yourself.

Hiking or cycling is extremely popular in Portugal and there are a variety of walking and cycling routes that are set out for people wishing to take in the beauty of the region by foot or by bicycle.

From wonderful cliff-side walks to more rural countryside routes, there really is a route for everyone – no matter how experienced in hiking, walking or cycling you are. You will be able to enjoy the wide range of wildlife, geology and plant life that the Algarve has to offer – it definitely gives you a different perspective than that whilst sitting on one of our many beautiful beaches.


No matter where you go in the Algarve, you will be surrounded by amazing landscapes, such as vast fields of almond and carob trees, and many Natural Parks such as Ria Formosa and Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vicentina


Due to the striking scenery of the Algarve, together with the animals that make this area their home, you can have a wonderful holiday and enjoy using your camera at the same time. With the crisp air and the clear skies, the region is ideal for photographers of all levels. 

The night sky is also a favourite of visitors and with an observatory close to Portimão (COAA) the opportunity to enjoy the vastness above us should not be missed.

There is so much to do here in the Algarve that it would take a novel-length post to cover it all. Instead, why don’t you come see for yourself – you will be surprised at just how much there is to do.

If you have fallen in love with the Algarve and are looking for a holiday home in the region, please contact the team at – let us help you find the perfect holiday property to suit your needs.

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