Why choose a self-catering holiday

Swimming pool, garden and pergola

Self-catering holidays are ever-more popular since the pandemic. They offer a flexibility that hotels just don’t offer. You can be near amenities that interest you, such as walking trails, water parks or a particular beach.

They also offer value for money, especially when holidaying with extended family. Not only larger properties are popular but also properties (including apartments) next door to each other.

Having space for the whole family is important. Families can enjoy each other’s company, sharing time together, however they also have privacy when they want it.


Should there be dietary requirements, having your own kitchen means that there is no need to worry and of course, it keeps the budget low as there is no need to eat out in restaurants.

Never barbecued before? Now could be the opportunity to learn how. Most self-catering properties in the Algarve have barbecues, either charcoal or gas. Why not try it out and enjoy eating the fruits of your labour al fresco?

Many supermarkets sell meat and fish prepared, ready for the barbecue so there is even less to worry about!

Property size

With a wide range of properties, you are able to choose a size that suits your needs best thus making sure your holiday is memorable, for all the right reasons.

If you have young children, then a small resort may be ideal. With a shared swimming pool children soon make friends and entertain not just themselves but those around.

Perhaps look at properties with fenced gardens or gated condominiums.


Perhaps you are wondering what it might be like to live in Portugal, working remotely.

Renting a self-catering property offers you insight into life as a local rather than a tourist.


Maybe you are thinking of moving but need to wait until you can retire.

Why not look at investing in a holiday home and renting it as a holiday home?

Financially this is beneficial, with the rentals paying for running costs and bringing in extra to cover for maintenance. It is wise though to not rely solely on rentals to cover your mortgage.

Search here for more information regarding management of properties and click here for properties that may interest you. Check out properties with four or five bedrooms and also smaller properties here.

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