Theme park Zoomarine opens this week

Algarve’s theme park, Zoomarine, opens its gates this week on the national holiday, June 10, Portugal Day. 

Special measures are in place with the park having complied with the Clean and Safe protocol, capacity has been reduced to a third for now and tickets must be purchased online, click here for details. 

Throughout June tickets can be purchased at a reduced rate, with 30% off the normal ticket price and opening hours are from 10am until 6pm.

Certain facilities will remain closed for now such as the swimming pools, the ferris wheel and children’s train however, all the animal presentations are up and running with Seb the Sloth being the new addition.

Seb is a southern two-toed sloth and was brought over from Hong Kong. He spends most of his time upside down, has a metabolism that is so slow he can take up to a month to digest his food and needs around 16 hours of sleep.

The theme park said, “We added Seb to the Zoomarine family because we wanted to raise awareness of this curious species with such distinctive features and also highlight its importance in nature and the need protect it. Seb will be a delight to visitors and he will help us to increase our knowledge of sloths, which is crucial towards its conservation.”

Other animals providing presentations include dolphins, seals and sealions, tropical birds and birds of prey.

Zoomarine is also a rescue centre for marine wildlife, see here for more details. The park collaborates and partners with various conservations projects in Portugal, click here for an update on projects past and present. Zoomarine’s mission statement explains it aims to “promote knowledge, preservation and environmental education in a fun and passionate manner“.

Should you be concerned about the park’s protocol, with regard to COVID-19, please read the preventative measures they have implemented here.

There is truly something to be enjoyed by all family members at Zoomarine so, check out what is available online and enjoy a day in the sunshine learning about the natural world.

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