Portimão – 2019 European City of Sport

portimão 2019 european city of sport

More than one thousand sporting events have been scheduled this year, the start of which was celebrated on January 18 at the Portimão Arena by over 4,000 people, as Portimão is a 2019 European City of Sport.

Portimão’s mayor, Isilda Gomes, accepted from Gian Lupattelli, the president and founder of the Association of European Capitals of Sport (ACES), the flag giving the city its distinction as a 2019 European City of Sport in early December.

The award was presented at the European Parliament, with Portimão’s Councillor for Sport, Teresa Mendes, also attending together with representatives from over 30 European cities.

The city has also announced considerable investment in the area of sport throughout 2019.

“We are investing more than two million euros in the building and also improvement of sporting infrastructures throughout the city, with an average of three sports events scheduled every day during the course of the year,” announced Isilda Gomes.

Some of the initiatives for the coming year are linked to school sports, with all academia encouraged to take part in the events planned for 2019.

With no direct revenue being generated by these events, Portimão’s mayor anticipates that an additional 40,000 nights may be spent in the city and its environs, together with spending in local restaurants, bars etc adding to Portimão’s purse.

Portugal’s central government has pledged its support to Portimão with an additional 130,000 euros to help in staging events.

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