Keeping cool

keeping cool, drink plenty water melon

Keeping cool through the summer can be tough, no one likes to look like a ripe tomato or feel that they have been dunked in the pool, lank hair is never a good look.

Health is of prime importance and we have some suggestions, some obvious and some not so obvious, to help keep you safe, cool and comfortable.

Being on holiday usually means having fun on the beach or around the swimming pool.

Remember to put on high factor sun protection, well before you take a dip. And don’t forget to top it up through the day.

Stay in the shade when you can, you will still get a tan and not burn. The sun is at its strongest between 11am and 2pm.

Wear a hat to protect yourself from sunstroke and also burning your nose – that peeling and soreness takes a while to disappear and holiday snaps apart, it results in damage to your skin and increases the risk of cancer. For tips on treating sunburn click here.

Wear loose clothing, preferably made of natural fibres, and footwear. And don’t forget your eyes – you need to protect them from damaging UV rays wear sunglasses.

Your pressure points are the places to run cool water over or apply an ice pack to. These “hot zones” are your ankles, behind the knees, wrists, elbows, neck and temples.

Also, skin with no hair (glabrous skin) that is found on the upper parts of our face, palms and soles of our feet contain a network of blood vessels so applying cold water or an ice pack to these areas will help your body to cool down.

And did you know that spicy food increases your blood circulation which makes you sweat? When we sweat, we cool down. An excellent reason, if you needed one, to enjoy that spicy food you like.

Why not try chicken piri-piri whilst you’re here and if you enjoy it, follow a simple recipe at home.

When staying with you will receive a digital guidebook which includes everything you need to know about your holiday home.

There is useful information about the area you are staying in and of course, from the moment you receive it (a week ahead of your arrival) you will be able to check the weather (live) through the app.

Stay cool this summer, happy holiday!

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