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Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, has just announced an order of 75 new Boeing 737 MAX planes with a list price of $9 billion. This increases the company’s firm order to a total of 210 new planes.

Of course, this is a lifeline for Boeing but it also shows that Ryanair believes travel will increase in the near future, once people have confidence in the safety of not just the plane, but also with regard to flying whilst the world is recovering from the pandemic.

Boeing’s 737 MAX came to people’s attention after two crashes. The planes were grounded after the second crash and a safety ban was imposed on Boeing. The cause of both crashes was shown to be software that stabilised the plane.

Subsequently the software has been updated and flight control systems have been rewired and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has now certified the plane as safe to fly after testing was completed.

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair’s Group CEO, said Ryanair is “proud” to place the order with Boeing and continued saying, “The Boeing MAX is a fabulous aircraft with more seats, more leg room…… lower fuel consumption, and it sets incredible environmental standards, including 40% less noise and lower CO2 emissions.”

Delivery of the new planes should start in early 2021 and end in late 2024. 

Ryanair flies to and from Porto, Lisbon and Faro here in Portugal with flights daily to and from destinations across Europe.

The number of flights should increase early in 2021 offering visitors to Faro a choice of arrival and departure days for their short breaks and annual holiday in Algarve.

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