Summer has truly arrived in Algarve

stall selling fruit and vegetables

Algarve is enjoying real beach weather with temperatures about to hit the mid-30s (centigrade) this weekend. 

Fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful with stalls and supermarkets full of colour. Those wonderful smells associated with summer produce add to the feeling that summer has truly arrived.

Algarve wines take pride of place on shelves — this year there is even more to choose from. Gone is the rather “tart” taste of local cooperative wines and in its place is the smoothness of quality wine.

For some suggestions of wineries that offer the opportunity to visit and sample their “tipple”, click here, but there are many more open to visitors. Check with your local tourist office or download a guide to Algarve wines.

2020 saw a tremendous boom in the Algarve citrus market which has continued into 2021, although production will need to increase as demand is currently greater than supply. Exports were higher in 2020 than 2019 as was demand from the local market.

With summer here, the water parks are reopening today after updating their Covid-19 procedures. 

The Portuguese health authority, Direção Geral de Saude (DGS), has been advising with regard to regulations and have confirmed that chlorine is “effective and sufficient to inactivate the virus… [it] is considered an excellent water disinfectant in swimming pools”.

For up-to-date Covid-19 measures in Portugal click here.

And should you decide that Algarve is the place to be then don’t hesitate to contact us for ideas on places to stay throughout the region – we may just have a property that has become available and is not yet online!

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