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After several weeks of lockdown people are shaking off hibernation and holidays in the sun are now a reality. 

Of course, safety is paramount and with Portugal now well into its third phase of lockdown most facilities are operational, all-be-it at a lower capacity.

Portuguese authorities ask that all visitors be mindful of protocols in place, more specifically the use of masks in public areas, social distancing and also to use hand sanitisers when not able to use facilities with soap and water.

Airports are opening up, with flights arriving in Portugal from European countries on a daily basis, allowing visitors a breath of fresh sea air and the opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights of the region. 

Not only this of course. Algarve is well-known for its golf courses, architecture, flora and fauna plus the amazing coast with all it has to offer.

We have listed six reasons why Algarve is a great place to holiday this year, so join us in celebrating all that the region has to offer.

Self-catering properties
Self-catering holidays offer an assurance of safety whilst allowing visitors the opportunity to enjoy the best of Algarve. Guests can choose to stay in their holiday home, taking delight in the pool and grilling up a storm, or visit local restaurants and beaches knowing that precautions are being taken to keep them safe.

The Algarve coast is full of wonderful beaches, those with restaurants and those without. For an interactive map, with information for you to decide which one would suit you best, click here

There are currently certain restrictions in place; capacity of beaches is controlled using the traffic light system – green means that here is a low occupancy, yellow high and red full occupancy. You can track this all on apps such as infopraia: to download click here for Android and here for Apple. You will be required to have a minimum of 1.5metres between yourself and your nearest “neighbour” and a reminder to use face masks when entering any beach bar or restaurant.

Culinary delights
The food in Algarve is similar to Mediterranean countries. Plenty of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and fruit together with pastries such as pasteis de nata, local wine and port, of course. Enjoy a coffee in the sun whilst watching locals go about their business and visit a local market to buy all you need to eat at home.

Flora and fauna
There are plenty of walking and cycling trails along the whole of Algarve offering the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful wild plants and wonderful birds, be them migratory or resident to the region.

Golf, as we know it today, was introduced to Algarve in 1966 by Henry Cotton when he built the championship course at Penina. 

Subsequently, the region has won many awards and this year is no exception having accepted the International Association of Golf Tour Operators’ Golf Destination of the Year.

Courses in Portugal opened in May, with certain restrictions. For more information click here.

From the rise of the Arabic caliphate to the end of the Kingdom of Portugal, Algarve also has much to offer with its rich history. Whilst staying in Algarve visitors can see so many cultural gems from Neolithic to Roman sites and lighthouses dating back 1846 to mention but a few. One holiday just wouldn’t be enough to see it all.

Visitors can be assured that Algarve is the place to holiday this year. With peace of mind, amazing sunsets, welcoming people and all of the above, what more could you possibly need?

Visit our Discover page to learn more about the western Algarve and to help you decide where you would like to stay in the region.

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